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Creatives Crushing Anxiety

Mar 31, 2020

I am super pumped about this episode, because I am bringing back a series that I haven't done since April 2018. When I started the blog five years ago, it was much more of a lifestyle brand. And I kind of fell into this whole, “Well, no one wants to hear about you. You need to keep it to evergreen content and business...

Mar 10, 2020

In this episode, I share 6 things you may not even realize are stressing you out. We all have things that stress us out. Life is stressful but there are some things adding to yourself that you don’t have to suffer from. 
Not only do I share my hot list of 6 things adding to your stress, but I share solutions for...

Feb 12, 2020

This week I spoke with Shayna Norwood. Shayna was first introduced to letterpress printing through a year – long book arts class she took while earning her BFA at San Francisco Art Institute. Since graduating she has perfected her craft while working in book arts centers from San Francisco to New York. Finally...

Jan 29, 2020

In this minisode, I talk about the Netflix original movie Dolemite Is My Name and the lessons entrepreneur can take from it’s hero.

Jan 21, 2020

In this episode: 

  • How she became a professional organizer.
  • Her shift from a leaning to learning business model. 
  • How she approaches the topic of  boundaries with her clients and the problem with constantly saying yes.
  • Why you have to retrain yourself and others about your boundaries. 
  • How we overthink boundaries and...