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Creatives Crushing Anxiety

Mar 31, 2020

I am super pumped about this episode, because I am bringing back a series that I haven't done since April 2018. When I started the blog five years ago, it was much more of a lifestyle brand. And I kind of fell into this whole, “Well, no one wants to hear about you. You need to keep it to evergreen content and business and things that people will find helpful for the business.” And I think because of all the shifts that have happened, I realized that I missed doing this kind of content. Plus, with the times that we're in right now, with the whole Coronavirus and all the stress in the world and social isolation, I thought maybe sharing some of these would be some fun things you could get into while you’re self-quarantining. All of them you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, or in a way that you're still practicing social distancing.