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Creatives Crushing Anxiety

Jun 17, 2019

You always hear entrepreneurs talking about the importance of a routine. While I am a serious creature of habit I have to admit I found it hard to find my routine.

I mean I had normal stuff I just organically did like brush my teeth in the morning, drink my lemon water, etc. The things I do at night, shower, watch an episode of American Dad then turn on a guided sleep meditation. But a real routine that was structured and zen and stuff, I didn’t have.

So I started thinking about what I really like and what helps me unwind and just snap out of the never-ending loop in my mind.  So I think I finally found my routine and I’m excited to share.

It was vital for me to find ways to make getting up in the morning less tedious so I wanted to share my tips for how to fake your way into being a morning person.

I have never been a morning person but lately, I've needed to be. Here are my tips for conquering your mornings when you hate mornings.