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Creatives Crushing Anxiety

Jul 9, 2019

Today is a special day it is my 30th birthday.


So today I want to share some of the birthday feels and some of my experiences and what I'm hoping for 30. And you know what I've learned in the last three decades, which is so crazy to say. I was thinking back yesterday about being at this older job of mine, I think I was maybe 25 at the time. And I remember, two of my co workers saying, they love being in their 30s, the 30s are so much better than their 20s. And that they wouldn't go back. And I remember 25 year old Dia being like these people are in denial. But the funny thing is, I'm literally a few hours in and I am loving it already. I'm so excited. For this phase of my life, I'm so excited to see what 30 brings, and to feel a little bit more  stable, like I always felt like a stable person. But to actually be at this new chapter and have all the things going for me that I'm blessed to have. It's crazy, and it's exciting. And I just know that this decade is going to be amazing.