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Creatives Crushing Anxiety

May 22, 2018

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I interview Ericka Young. Ericka is a financial coach who helps women and couples get their debt paid down and financial lives in check. If you've been suffering from debt and the anxiety that can come with it then you need to listen to this episode!

In this episode:

  • The steps Ericka takes when she starts working with a new person.
  • Why you need to have financial goals.
  • Her biggest financial regret.
  • Why you need to know your credit score.
  • How one of her clients went from a 16% interest rate to a 5% interest rate on her car note.
  • Her she decided her book topic.
  • How she helps people recognize their hereditary money habits.
  •  And more.