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Creatives Crushing Anxiety

Jan 21, 2020

In this episode: 

  • How she became a professional organizer.
  • Her shift from a leaning to learning business model. 
  • How she approaches the topic of  boundaries with her clients and the problem with constantly saying yes.
  • Why you have to retrain yourself and others about your boundaries. 
  • How we overthink boundaries and...

Jan 14, 2020

In the season 3 premiere of Creatives Crushing Anxiety,  I share my 2020 word of the year. I even take my plans deeper with 20 things I want to embody and practice in 2020. This was such an exciting episode to record as I know big things are coming in 2020.

Dec 31, 2019

Join me as I share some of my favorite clips from season 2 and say goodbye to 2019. 

Nov 12, 2019

Today we're going to talk about what to do when you don't feel like doing anything. And this happens, it is completely normal. I feel like that from time to time I feel like that. I feel like that right now and so I thought it was a great opportunity to actually make a video about what I do when I don't feel like doing...

Oct 30, 2019

5 Tips to stop shoulding all over yourself and start living your life and running your business in alignment.